Nov. 24, 2018

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Saturday November 24th 2018, coach Kaliah

Hey guys! This weekend I am in Sudbury for my sister’s competition! My whole family is travelling form Kingston and Ottawa to see so it’ll be my first opportunity to see them since Thanksgiving! I am super excited! So, for this weekend I have made up these sets and wonderful Alyssa here will write them up and watch over you guys for me! Be nice to her! I will miss you guys, but I will see you next week! Train hard!

Reminder: next week (Dec 5th) will be the Go Pro Goals so make sure to come out so we can video your strokes! There is also the Penthalon Meet on the Dec. 15th which is a great meet!

Warm Up (1,000)

400 SKPS

4 rounds

75 (25 easy/ 25 build/ 25 sprint) @ 1:45

75 (50 drill/ 25 KOB) @ 1:45

Main Set (2,300)

8 x 200, All on 3:30/ 4:00

Even: choice fast PB+20 seconds

Odd: 100 drill/ 100 free

6 x 50 IM (half a 25 each) on 1:00

16 x 25 IM flag turns on 45 (start at flags flip turn go down to other flags)

focus on the turns!!!!!

Cool Down (200)

100 free

50 back

50 scull

Total: 3,500