Oct 11, 2015, BR technique, basic endurance, 3000m

Sunday, October 11, 2015


300 Choice

300 Free: 2 x (50 kick + 50 glide-to-3 Drill + 50 swim)

300 Back: 2 x (50 kick + 50 glide-to-3 Drill + 50 swim)


20 min technical instruction on Breaststroke (~ 400-500m)

focus on wide arm pull, high out of the water body position at the end of the pull and aggressive lunge forward, quick leg movement, little gliding, using head to return to the horizontal position, breastbone kick ends with a fly-like motion:

  • kick with arms by the sides, lifting the body out of the water as high as possible followed by a very quick kick with a fly-like kick motion at the end of the kick, return to the horizontal position before repeating;
  • kick in streamline, same idea as above – getting high out of the water, quick leg movement, using head to return to streamline;
  • Breaststroke pull with flatter kick – focus on body position during and after the pull;
  • Breaststroke pull with fly kick – focus on the forward lunge.

16 x 100 with 15″ rest or on an interval

3 technical / 2 strong

2 technical / 3 strong

1 technical / 4 strong

16th – ALL OUT, measure heart rate ASAP


200 Choice

Total: ~3,000