Oct. 24, 2015, Fly technique, Basic Endurance, 3100m

Saturday, 17 Oct., 2015


300 choice

4 x 150:

25 streamline Fly Kick under water

50 double arms back (DAB)

50 streamline breast kick

25 Fly swim


Instruction on fly technique with August (~200m)


  • Streamline fly kick, breathing every 2nd kick. Focus:
    • head goes up for a breath with the upward kick (as the feet go up), head goes down after the breath with the downward kick;
    • emphasis is on maintaining continuous kicking rhythm, uninterrupted by breathing;
    • streamline position – hands locked together (no sculling), not much up and down chest movement
  • Fly pull with flatter kick. Focus:
    • Continuous arm movement;
    • Proper accelerating pull, minimizing the keyhole motion pattern
    • Proper recovery with straight arms
    • Relaxed straight arms at entry
    • Streamlined body position
    • When taking a breath, head goes back in the water ahead of the arms
  • Fly full stroke. Focus:
    • 2 kicks per one arm pull;
    • Timing of the kicks: the first downward kick is when the arms enter the water; the second downward kick is at the end of the pull
    • Proper recovery and entry with straight arms at shoulder width
    • Reduce up-down body undulation

300 technical swim

4 x 75 strong

300 technical swim

2 x 150 strong

300 technical swim

300 strong


200 choice

Total: ~3,300