October 10, 2015; technical; 3000m

Saturday, October 10, 2015


300 Choice

2 x (or more, until stopped):

50: 25 fly kick on back + 25 swim choice

50: 25 drill + 25 swim choice


20 min technical instruction on Free and Back strokes (~ 400-500m)

focus on body position, head position, body rotation, arm recovery, and stroke rhythm:

  • kick with arms by the sides and in streamline position, focus on keeping the head down and body parallel to the surface;
  • kick on a side with one arm extended and the other one by the side; focus on head position and arm form in preparation for catch – the hand should be relaxed and a little lower than the elbow, the elbow should be a little lower than the shoulder.
  • kick with rotation from side to side; focus on head position and constant rotation
  • “windmill” drill to practice arm movement rhythm

3 x

with 15″ rest or on an interval

100 technical @ 1:30/1:40/1:50/…

200 N/S @ 3’/3’15/3’30/…

300 Des. by 100 @ 4’30/4’45/5’/…


200 Choice

Total: ~3,000